Amour, Amour

Amour Amour - La Collection De Bijoux - The Most Expensive Luxury Dog Collar Ever

Dubbed “the Bugatti of dog collars” by Forbes Senior Editor Matt Miller, the 52-carat Amour, Amour is the “World’s Most Expensive” dog collar. Adorned with 1,600 hand-set diamonds, Amour, Amour’s chandelier design features a stunning 7-carat, D-IF, brilliant-shaped centerpiece. Its 18-carat white gold and crocodile leather provide extreme comfort and durability for the most pampered of pooches.

USD $3,200,000

Amour, Amour Amour, Amour Amour, Amour

Amour, Amour Details

Collar MaterialsDiamondsPrice
Crocodile leather, platinum, 18k white goldShapeDescriptionQuantityCarat
BrilliantBR DIA D VS2 GIA (*CN)14.07
BrilliantBR DIA E VSI GIA (XXX) (*CV)14.12
BrilliantBR DIA D IF GIA (XX-) Type Iia (*PV)17.01
RoundD-F VVS1-VS2164533
PearE-F VVS2-VS194