Dog Carriers – What You Need To Know (Information, Advice, and Reviews of 10 Models)

You are here because you want to know more about what dog carriers are out there, how they work, and who makes them.

You also want some advice on which one is best for you and your pup. We have that information!

There are many different types of dog carriers: backpacks, carriers with wheels, soft-sided carriers, hard-sided carriers…the list goes on!

And with the numerous models in the market, choosing the right dog carrier can be a daunting task.

The ideal dog carrier depends on your dog’s breed, size, lifestyle, and destination. While some are designed for smaller dogs, others are made for seniors. Some are also suited for flying, hiking, or biking.

The best way to find the perfect carrier for your needs is to do some research so read on!

Top Ten Best Dog Carriers 

EliteField Soft Sided Pet Carrier 

If you are looking for a versatile, affordable, and premium quality dog carrier, then I will recommend this model. It is suitable for air travel and has an in-built leash for that extra security.

It also has a fleece bed cover and removable support board, which enables it to maintain its shape while keeping the pet comfortable during the trip. It is also ideal for car rides and travel because it has exterior belt loops that can strap to a seatbelt. 

And for ease of access, there is a side zipper plus two accessory pockets. It is also available in medium and large sizes and numerous color options.

Besides these fantastic features, you will also love its waterproof and lightweight nature, making it ideal for different weather conditions. 

Your pet will also remain comfortable because it allows natural light and is also breathable. Finally, you will enjoy a 3-year warranty for this item. 

Henkelion Dog Carrier

When you browse on Amazon, you will find this Henkelion dog carrier as one of the top items in its category. It has over 14,000 five-star reviews and is a soft-sided and collapsible carrier ideal for carrying dogs who weigh up to 25 pounds.

Most users who have used this carrier have praised its “comfortability” to their pets because of its high breathability. 

Another amazing feature in this dog carrier is the side zippers which make it possible to get the dogs out from different sides. This convenient strap makes it easier to slide it over your luggage handle for easier carrying. 

It is also sturdy and strong enough to withstand scratching and teething to ensure it serves you for more years.

Therefore, if you have a destructive puppy, he will try scratching through it, but it will not hold up. You don’t need to buy a bag every few months if you have destructive puppies when you choose this carrier. 

SleepyPod Air

Anyone who desires a sturdy air travel dog carrier will find this model very handy. It adheres to the air travel requirements and keeps your dog comfortable at every step of the trip.

Besides, it has numerous excellent features, and pets even going to 1.75 pounds can easily fit. It can also fit most aircraft’ seats even when taking off or landing. 

Additionally, it has removable bedding to ensure your pet is comfortable during the flight. And if you want to make the bed extra cozy, then purchase the warmer kit. 

For your side, it has a padded shoulder strap which makes it easy to carry and is also foldable for storage. The mesh panels are also tear-resistant and provide better visibility and airflow.

You’ll also find it easier to open the sides and the top using the zippers to access the dog easily. It also serves dual functions as a pet bed and a dog’s car seat. 

AmazonBasics Top-Load Hard-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

AmazonBasics brand travel carrier is one of the best hard-sided carriers in the market. It is a combination of convenience, durability and has amazing features that make it handy for travel.

It has back, top, and sides ventilation and two doors, making it possible to load your dog through the side or top. 

The item is made from durable plastic and has a steel-wired front door. It also has additional screws, which add reinforcement to its top and bottom, weighing 4.5 pounds.

It’s also available in two sizes to enable you to pick one that suits your needs. And if you love the hard-sided kennel crates, then this is your perfect match. 

Nicrew legs out front-facing dog carrier backpack

Dog owners who are looking for an affordable dog carrier will find this model their best choice. It is quite affordable, but at first, you are amused by your dog sitting in this carrier while her back legs hang out.

It’s just like a baby carrier, and if you would love to try this style, then there is no need to doubt it. 

It gives your pet a fantastic view of the world while you travel and is ideal for those puppies who love to climb out of the bag. It can be hard to put her in there if she does not co-operate, but you luckily have two zips that unzip on the sides to make it easier to open.

It is also comfortable, and breathable making it ideal for long flights.

Yododo Pet Dog Sling Carrier

This dog carrier sling is made from mesh and leather and is soft, durable, and breathable. It has a buckle and zipper, which are reinforced to increase its security.

Additionally, it has a strap measuring 38.6 to 46.5, making it easy to adjust to suit your body. 

There are two options: a smaller carrier that can carry a maximum of 5 pounds and a larger carrier that can carry a weight of 10 pounds.

It also contains a leash to prevent the dog from getting out and a sling to allow your dog to wander his eyes around while you’re traveling. It’s the best dog carrier when you want to walk hands-free. 

Ruffwear Flagline Lightweight Dog Harness

If you are one of those owners who enjoy outdoor adventures, then you will like this accessory.

Though it’s not classified as a carrier, it is included in this review because it will help you carry your pet.

When you want to go hiking, your dog is the perfect companion, but the numerous obstacles make it hard for your furry friend to make it to the other side. For instance, the fast-running rivers and the ledges make it hard for the dogs to navigate. 

This harness is lightweight, durable, and has a handle that makes it easier to lift. Additionally, it has a panel running underneath the pet’s body, which distributes weight evenly across it.

Besides, it can be adjusted as different adjustment points to ensure a perfect fit. It also has different sizes to suit different dogs.

SturdiBag Large Flexible Height Pet Carrier

Well, and if you need a soft-sided dog carrier, then you’ll never go wrong with this dog carrier. It is light, comfortable, and will easily fit under the airplane seats.

Besides, it is made to adhere to flying guidelines, and you won’t receive any guff from the airline. 

Besides, it is attractive, easy to use, and will remind you of the high-quality tent whose manufacturers put detail during its making. It has three small poles that fit into soft hooks and ensure it remains upright.

Also, the carrier has a soft foamy mat for added comfort and which increases the structure. 

It also ensures you are comfortable by distributing the dog’s weight evenly over your shoulders and handle. And when walking, it will not hurt your back. 

K9 Sport Sack Plus 2

If you are one of those hiking enthusiasts, you may want your furry friend to join you. If this is the case, note that some breeds cannot walk for miles, while puppies can also not walk for long distances when they are still young.

This is where the rucksack comes into place since it’s ideal when your dog is tired; it will rest on the carrier as you hike. 

The dog will rest her bottom at the base of this sack, and there are two slots at the top where their paws will go through. Her head will sit behind yours, and there are two clips and a collar clip to ensure more security. 

PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack

Though this is the last item in our review, it’s still a good daypack for traveling with your pet. It is ideal for traveling, walking, or hiking and will keep your friend safely on your pack as you enjoy the thrills of your journey. 

It only weighs 3.6 pounds and has 12.5” *10.2*16.3 dimensions. It can hold dogs of up to 18 pounds, and it boasts of proper ventilation to ensure good airflow. You can put your dog through two entries, and she will remain comfortable throughout your trip.

It also has chest and waist straps that enhance your comfort, not to mention the three pockets for storing your phone, charger, and other items. 

Your dog will remain securely held to the back due to the safety strap and three safety buckles, ensuring they don’t escape from the bag.

It’s not only a dog carrier but also a dog bed because it has Sherpa-lined bedding to enhance her comfort. It’s one of the best furry travel bags.

What to Consider when Choosing a Dog Carrier 

Before you buy a dog carrier, you should consider the factors below:

Style of the Carrier

This is the top consideration when buying this product, and your ideal choice will depend on your travel modes and personal preferences.

If you intend to travel with it, choose one approved by an airline and consider the size restrictions before deciding the one to take to your trip.

There are also three different types of carriers: soft-sided, hard-sided, and wearable dog carriers; go through the specifics of each to ensure you get one that suits your needs.

Size of the Dog

The size of the dog is also a top consideration when choosing a pet. Measure your dog’s height, weight, and length to choose the right size.

Choose a dog carrier that is large enough so that the dog can easily curl up, turn around or even stretch out when you are carrying him. The trick is to add a few inches to the measurement for the comfort of your furry friend. 

Purpose of the Dog Carrier

You also need to consider the purpose you intend to use the dog carrier for; if you only want to use it when carrying your pet in the car, choose a lightweight, comfortable, easy to pack, and easy to carry model.

But if it is intended for flights, then pick one approved by airlines to ensure you don’t encounter challenges when traveling. 

Ease of Cleaning

The hard-sided cases are easier to clean than other types as you can wipe them down with a soft cloth.

On the other hand, the soft-sided and wearable carriers can be hard to clean, and you need to get a machine-washable one for you to get rid of the mess quickly. But if you don’t get ones of this type, then go for the removable-washable pads for ease of cleaning.

FAQs Dog Owners Have

Q: Are dog carriers bad for dogs?

A: No but your dog carrier must be the correctly sized and fit to your dog. If your carrier is not comfortable and breathable, your dog may be in danger of overheating. Most dogs enjoy being carried by these products, but you need to pick one that is comfortable and safely provides fresh air for your dog.

Q: What size pet carrier should I get for my dog?

A: You will consider your dog’s length and height when choosing the ideal carrier. It should be large enough for the dog to curl up, turn around or stretch out easily when lying down.

Q: Can I use a baby carrier for my dog?

A: Yes, but you need to ensure it’s the right dimensions for your dog. However, it’s not recommended, and you should buy a dog carrier.

Q: Do airlines measure pet carriers?

A: Yes, the airline will measure the pet carrier to ensure it adheres to the stipulated measurements


Dogs travel. It’s what they do, and it’s in their blood. They live to explore the world with us, and we love them for that.

But when you’re traveling with your dog there are a lot of things you need to know about how to make sure they stay safe along the way – from driving a car or riding in an airplane – and I hope that this blog post was helpful in covering all those important aspects!

Dog carriers are essential items when you plan to go hiking, walking, or even on a flight with your furry friend. But with the numerous options in the market, it’s best to choose one that adheres to air travel regulations while also remaining comfortable for you and your furry friend.

It makes traveling with pets more enjoyable as they will be safe, comfy, and contained while you are on your forays.