L'Etoile - La Collection De Bijoux

Your dog will be a star wearing our L’Etoile collar, which features five brilliant-shaped diamonds of over 1.5 carats each, set along a stylish ostrich leather band. Its 400 hand-set diamonds make this 27-carat piece sparkle like a clear night sky.

USD $518,000

L'Etoile L'Etoile L'Etoile

L’Étoile Details

Collar MaterialsDiamondsPrice
Ostrich leather, platinum, 18k white gold, diamondsBrilliantBR DIA D IF GIA (XXX) H & A (*CA)11.85
BrilliantBR DIA E VSI GIA BR DIA D IF GIA (*CA)11.81
BrilliantBR DIA D IF GIA (X) (L.R.) (*CN)11.76
BrilliantBR DIA E IF GIA (-X-) (N)11.71
BrilliantBR DIA E VVS2 GIA (X-X) (*V)11.66